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Apr 3, 2012

Win a Trip to San Diego with Randy and Tara Schroeder!

How would you like to spend some one-on-one time with one of the most successful minds in the history of the industry? What questions would you ask if you had the opportunity to pick the brain of someone who’s had one of the most successful careers in direct selling?

Through our latest promotion, that opportunity is yours!

Here’s how it works
Between now and 2012 Convention of the Americas in St. Louis, if you become one of the top five distributors in North America to have the most new enrollments make an initial order of 500 PV or more, you will win a trip with your Black Diamond upline to visit with President of North America and Europe Randy Schroeder and his wife Tara at their home in San Diego, California!

New enrollments’ initial 500 PV orders can be a single purchase of the MX Success Kit, or it can simply be a combination of initial orders that add up to 500 PV or more. The choice is yours.

Get rewarded for doing what you do best—sharing MonaVie! Get started today!

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