MonaVie Acceler8

Weren’t able to attend Acceler8 convention in Anaheim? Or, perhaps you did, but you want to see it all again! Watch these videos to get the scoop on all the major announcements from Acceler8 in Anaheim, including the introduction of VIEW—MonaVie Antioxidant Scanner; Deductr, a tax saving service for distributors; and the new and free MyMonaVie replicated websites. You’ll also be able to view or re-live the excitement experienced when three time Dancing With the Stars Champion Derek Hough performed for and with MonaVie distributors. Finally, you’ll get the inside track on upcoming events, such as the official launch of VIEW in Orlando, our upcoming Black Tie Event in Orlando, the Get a VIEW Tour, which kicks off October 1, in Vancouver, B.C., and much, much more!

SELECT TO VIEW from any of the ACCERLER8 sessions below, click on box.

Henry Marsh starts the FUN!

Derek Hough - Three Time Champion of Dancing With The Stars & his partner Oksana

Randy Schroeder, Kicks off Acceler8 2012 in Anaheim!

MonaVie Founder, Dallin Larsen & Karree Larsen - The Company, Vision, Mission & Goals

Jeff Graham & Dr. Bernie Landis

Jeff Graham, shows GET A VIEW and explans Your LIFE Score.

Walter Noot - Shows the demographic of quick scan results – cause and effect

Jeff Graham - Q&A & Distributor Endorsement of VIEW

Blake Schoeder - Executive Order Bonus & E-Delivery, plus Gavin Barkdull - Spanish Language Initiative

Randy Schoeder with selected Distributor members to discuss effectiveness of MVP process.

Al & Sherry Huva, Holly & Corbin Roush & Rex Crain.

Angela Bruer Balouch, Todd & Angelique Hartog, JT From DEDUCTR, Scott Olsen & Henry Marsh

Walter Noot re-caps the VIEW Device & Program.

Randy Schoeder recaps Friday & sets up the day!

Jeff Graham.- Product Strategy & VIEW, as well as the GET A VIEW Tour.

Jeff Graham Scans Distributors with the VIEW on stage!

Jeff Cohen.- Replicating Sites, Social Media & Your Business, Be a part of MonaVie VIEW!

Blake Schroeder and Todd & Angelique Hartog Announce New Award Promotions for Orlando.

Mark Macdonald, MonaVie Nutritionist and Fitness Expert

Dallin, Karree, Katy Holt-Larsen & Sergio Ponce with the MORE Project. Distributors Giving to MORE.

Mark Macdonald kicks off the afternoon with a group dance!

Randy Schroeder speaks with Carlos Concheso & also introduces Matt & Kim Curtis

Randy Schroeder introduces Charlie Kalb

Blake introduces Conrad & Jill Padilla, and recoginize Diamonds & Blue Diamonds

Blake introduces Renita and Scott Brannan

Steve & Gina Merriitt and closing of event