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Claudia Simpson

MonaVie Distributor

Claudia Simpson (Before) BEFORE
Claudia Simpson (After) AFTER

My "before" picture was taken in Maui this past September. What an honor to be able to go on the Diamond Destination reward trip that MonaVie so graciously provides. What was not so great, however, was having to go to paradise fat! I was heavier last year than I have ever been in my life. Not even when I was pregnant did I weigh that much. I had steadily gained the weight from not being able to stay active and having to take cortisone shots after an accident three years ago.

I have tried so many expensive and unhealthy diets in my desperate attempts to lose the weight. I would lose a little and gain it back. My metabolism went into a coma. Every time I got in the shower I would whisper, "God, please help me figure out how to get this weight off."

When the company offered the Friends and Family pilot study to us in Maui, I knew my prayer was being answered. If MonaVie had developed a weight management program, there was no doubt it would be the best that had ever been on the market. You have no idea how much it means to me to get my metabolism regulated again and to be able to lose those pounds and feel fit again. I am so thankful to MonaVie for MonaVie RVL!