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Derek Scott

MonaVie Gold Executive

Derek Scott (Before) BEFORE
Derek Scott (After) AFTER

I gained about 30 pounds when I was in detective training because every day I would eat a Snickers bar and drink a Pepsi in the afternoon to stay awake.

Due to being so overweight, I couldn't wear my police vest anymore because it was so uncomfortable. So, for the past year I just quit wearing it. When my wife, Tammy, found out she was not happy. But then came MonaVie RVL.

In October 2010, my wife, Tammy, and I were selected to be part of the Friends and Family beta program. I had tried many weight loss programs before and this was the easiest program I had ever tried. I lost 35 pounds and reached my goal weight of 200. I have lost more now and I am hoping to get to about 195.

The shakes taste amazing and the snack bars are the BOMB! My wife has lost 30 pounds and my oldest son, Derek (DJ), at 20 years old, has lost 37 pounds. So, MonaVie RVL has completely changed our family and has given us a MORE Meaningful Life!

If I can do this working shift work and being a picky eater, then anybody can. Just stick to the program and the weight will just flow off.