RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Diane Baggett

MonaVie Gold Executive

Diane Baggett (Before) BEFORE
Diane Baggett (After) AFTER

“I feel great, better than before I was on the MonaVie RVL program. My body knows I am not eating junk and it feels good. I am never too “full” or have that bloated feeling that comes with overeating. I just have an overall healthy feeling.

“I love chocolate so the shakes and bars are perfect. It is easy, convenient, tasty and doable. And, I feel great! With each pound I lose, it keeps getting better.

“I also love the taste of the products—the shake and the snack bars. They taste delicious and are so convenient! I am not a cook and spend very little time in the kitchen. This is perfect for me and folks on the go. I find the shakes easy to blend just with the shaker. I know they are chock full of good nutrition for me and that I will be in the best health while losing this weight. Of course, I also drink plenty of MonaVie each day, so that helps too.

“I feel great. With each pound I lose, it keeps getting better!”