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Mike Stuckey

MonaVie Ruby Executive

Mike Stuckey (Before) BEFORE
Mike Stuckey (After) AFTER

By participating in the MonaVie RVL Friends and Family program, I feel like I went from Fatman to Batman! I lost 27 pounds of fat—now that would be about the size of 27 grapefruits (picture that).

I have begun to wear clothes from as far back as 7 years ago. At the end of last summer, in a golf tournament I've played with the same group of men since the early 70s, as I was putting out on the 18th green on the last day of the tournament, one of the men hollered, “Hey, Mike, are you pregnant?” And, at the trophy presentation dinner, the same guy looked at me and said, “You're fat!” I wanted to get a little “hot” at him, but I realized that he was right. That spurred me to want to get serious about doing something about it.

I had been serious about weight loss before, but I had never had MonaVie RVL available. I was highly motivated to follow the program. And, even though I wasn't perfect, especially through the holidays, I still lost all but 3 of the 30 pounds of my goal.

At 69 years old, I've learned that losing weight is probably one of the hardest things for humans to do because it requires correcting a lifestyle formed through years of bad eating habits. Even though one might make the change, it's sooooo easy to fall off the weight loss wagon when it seems like it's taking forever to just get rid of a pound. And, it’s even harder to keep it off. However, with MonaVie RVL, I lost 8 pounds during the first week and that was a HUGE inspiration to me to “keep on keeping on.”

At the end of that week, I knew I had a way to never go back to the role of Fatman. I have been drinking MonaVie Active for almost three years and I have been feeling great since the beginning. Now, with RVL, I am on the verge of starting to look like I felt.

 When I reached 20 pounds (20 grapefruits) of weight loss, people were starting to notice and compliments started coming. Another “biggie” has been an energy. I began to feel so energetic and positive about what was happening that I decided to begin a “cross fit” conditioning class. I have been in that program for about two months, and I am doing exercises—strenuous exercises—and putting my body through conditioning I haven't put it through since I was in the Marine Corps back in the early 1960s! Push ups, pull ups, sit ups, jump rope, rowing, weights, not to mention the “wild” exercise maneuvers that are unique to the “cross fit” system. Sometimes I can't believe it's me.

In the words of James Brown, “I feel good.” I truly believe I would not be looking or feeling better or doing any of this if MonaVie had not brought MonaVie RVL to the market. With MonaVie RVL I've kept calories down but kept nutrition up.

The timing of the Friends and Family pilot program was perfect. By the time the holidays rolled around, I had lost enough weight to convince some of the people in my downline to begin the program after the first of the year, my wife included. Their stories are still being written, but after the first week they reported significant weight loss. I think when people see that the person obviously looks better and is achieving significant weight loss, they become inspired to have that for themselves. Seeing is believing.

You know, there's one issue I haven't talked about and it's the good news of what it costs. It cost me nothing above what I was already spending for groceries (uh, that's retail but you know what Brig says, “You can pay retail or you can get it free—let me tell you how.”) It is a meal replacement, not an extra meal. Really, it's a “better-than-your-current-meal” replacement! So here's what I say. If you're reading this and are serious—really serious—about getting rid of a few grapefruits around the middle, you will be very hard pressed to find a way that is faster, easier, healthier, tastier, simpler, and more economic than MonaVie RVL. If you do it right, your body will gratefully respond. You will notice it and so will other people.