RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Rick Zeller

MonaVie Gold Executive

Rick Zeller (Before) BEFORE
Rick Zeller (After) AFTER

As fate would have it, I met Jeff Graham in September as I was his transportation to a Team 212 tasting event. We had a chance to discuss MonaVie RVL, and I told him I would have loved to be one of the people the company used prior to the launch. Jeff must have thought I was being sincere and extended me the invitation, otherwise I wouldn't have even known about the Friends and Family study until it was already in place.

I have been heavy for years, but that hasn't always been my plight. When I met my wife, Joyce, I was 209 pounds. I played tennis four times a week and worked out three times per week. During our dating and even into our marriage, I started to gain some weight and as it turned out I ended up at 325 pounds. I couldn't run, walking was hard, and a healthy life seemed impossible.

I had tried other programs, but had pretty much decided that nothing else worked and that I was going to be fat until the day I died. Joyce had taken out pictures of when we were dating and put them up on mirrors in our home and I couldn't even look at them because I just knew I would never look like that again.

When I started on the program I felt like I had to give this a serious chance to work. After all, I had made a commitment to MonaVie, and maybe even more importantly, I had made a commitment to my Team 212 members that I would “do this thing.” I didn't want to let them down even though I wasn't sure it would work.

The day I started on MonaVie RVL I told Joyce I was scared. What if it doesn't work? Today, I find the program so easy to do that I am very sure I will get down to the weight I was when Joyce and I met. I carry a picture of myself from back then to remind myself of where I am going.

I have gone from a guy who couldn't even take a 10 minute walk to going to a workout yesterday with a trainer. I am going to be working out with him two times a week.

The product makes me feel terrific. I always have so much energy. I never feel hungry. I love the way it tastes. On top of all this, I now have the physical part of my life back.

My story wouldn’t be complete if I didn't tell you how this has affected not only my friends and family, but also my business. I have shared my success with so many people. The truth is, they want what we (the MonaVie RVL family) have. I am surrounded by people having success. For example, Joyce who has hit her target goal by losing 19 pounds, Ana who has lost 30 pounds, Vincent who has lost 23 pounds, and Betsy, who has lost 18 pounds. The thing is, not everyone has 100+ pounds to lose, but they agonize over each unwanted pound just as I used to.

Our business is exploding. I can state in an “as fact” way that we will be in Maui this August because what’s happening to our business will help us get there.