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Jack Hodges

MonaVie Ruby Executive

Jack Hodges (Before) BEFORE
Jack Hodges (After) AFTER

My MonaVie weight loss experience actually started with my first encounter with MonaVie almost three years ago. I say that because MonaVie Active helped to start me on my way to taking care of my health.

I had reached 336 lbs in March of 2008 and I started losing weight when MonaVie Active helped me start focusing on my nutrition. I lost some weight and got down to the mid 290s. I felt that MonaVie had given me my life back, so when it was announced that a weight loss/management product was in the near future, I knew that my dream of getting back to a reasonable weight was just a matter of time with the new product to be introduced.

I had gained weight over the previous 40 years, from my college football playing weight of 200 pounds. Could I get back to that weight? I felt that given the opportunity and the right product (which I knew MonaVie would deliver), that I could achieve my goal of getting back to a healthy weight.

I have four grandchildren and at 61 years old and weighing nearly 300 pounds, I couldn't be sure that I would see them grow up and have children of their own. Now that I was drinking MonaVie juice, I wanted to carry my health to the next level, which could only be accomplished by losing a lot of weight. Thus, my “why” was initiated! I wanted my wife and I to have many, many years to enjoy our heirs and also to leave a legacy—a legacy of not only a solid business, but a legacy of health and well being that could only be experienced if we were the example and lived the life we advocated.

I also wanted to show people of my age, over 60, that you can change your life at any time. All it takes is getting the proper mindset, a positive attitude, a motivated spirit, and the right product. MonaVie supplied the product; I had to do the rest.

After being accepted to the Friends and Family program, I could not wait to get started. When the product arrived, I started the next day and started getting results quickly. Weight started disappearing and that inspired me to adhere to the plan exactly as recommended. It worked! Just like planned! What is so amazing to me about that is, I have tried many times in the past to lose weight and it was difficult at best and seemed impossible most of the time. And I always had to really “work hard” for every pound reduced and then it always came right back.

This was different. Seeing the immediate results made me want to change my original goal of losing 40 to 50 pounds. I did that. I lost 53 pounds and now I have a goal to lose another 30 pounds. I know I can do this now because of what I just accomplished and I did it through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. That was BIG!

Being a Ruby Executive in the Atlanta area, I am very visible and have been very active for more than two years, so a lot of people see me and knew that I was overweight—a lot overweight and obese by the BMI scale and by my own account. So, when I started losing weight and having such great results, a lot of people noticed. When the product became available to distributors in November, many people started because they had watched me for the previous month. As I continued to lose, more people started the plan. Through online social networking, even more people have noticed and even old classmates are asking questions and calling. Many of them have told me that my results have inspired them and that in itself is important to me. To know that just maybe somebody got the confidence to undertake a change in their life because they saw that I was able to do this, then that is good!

At the RVL Launch in Orlando, so many, many people came up to me and told me their stories and about how much weight they had lost and were going to lose. People I had never known before. People that told me I had influenced them and inspired them. From this experience, I know that we all can make a difference. I have known that for some time in MonaVie and with RVL, my convictions have only strengthened.

MonaVie For Life is not something I have said lightly! And now we will take it to the next level of MonaVie: A More Meaningful Life. Thank You MonaVie. Thank You to all of the people at corporate who do so much for us.