RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Cheryl Weller

MonaVie Silver Executive

Cheryl Weller (Before) BEFORE
Cheryl Weller (After) AFTER

When I heard that MonaVie was looking for people for the Friends and Family study, I knew I had to apply. I had been on diets before, but nothing I could stay on, long term, and be successful. I knew that if MonaVie was going to bring a product to the weight management industry, that it would be in a category by itself and be far and away the best on the market. I wanted to be part of that!

The other important part of this is the fact that it is a weight management program with a follow up component to help you stay at your goal weight, that makes MonaVie RVL a “live it” program.

I can’t tell you how anxious I was to get my MonaVie RVL and see how it tasted. No matter how good diet products are, if they taste bad, no one is going to take it. I love the taste of all the products! The shake has such a rich, smooth taste, and looks like a chocolate malt. The bars are chewy, and remind me of candy.

My greatest motivation on this program was the fact that the weight started coming off right away and kept coming off consistently. This was the first time I had tried to lose weight and I had no shakiness or cravings, and I wasn't starving all the time. I couldn’t get over that. It’s fast and easy to prepare and you can easily take it anywhere you go. That eliminates the usual excuses for not staying on a weight loss plan.

Before I knew it, 29 pounds were gone. I had actually been successful and accomplished a big goal. As I lost the weight, and my body changed, the biggest changes went on in my head. I believed that I could do it, I was successful, and my self confidence soared! I was so happy and it showed on my face and in all aspects of my life.

My husband watched me over the last few months and cheered me on every step of the way, and now it’s his turn. He started MonaVie RVL recently and has lost 10 pounds. Every ounce shows. What a gift, that we can get healthy together and work side by side to promote our MonaVie business. Not many couples have that opportunity.

It was easy to see that MonaVie RVL changed how I looked and now it was going to change our business. It took me a long time to find a business that I could be passionate about, but MonaVie is it. I have never been in a position before where I could help people feel better, look better, and change their financial future. I truly believe that I have an obligation to tell everyone I know about MonaVie and allow them the same opportunity for success and happiness.