RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Nancy Morgan

MonaVie Distributor

Nancy Morgan (Before) BEFORE
Nancy Morgan (After) AFTER

“Three words—great, amazing, wonderful—and did I say TASTY?"

“I love the ease of the program and how portable it is. We travelled from Georgia to Nevada for a family wedding and stayed the week. A few zip lock bags (for shake mix and bars) and packing a little supplement bottle and we were off. I found it very easy to be on the program during the week we were in Las Vegas. We took day trips to Hoover Dam and another to the Valley of Fire and the RVL Weight Management System went with me. I found it easy to eat out in the evening. I was able to use the gym at our condo for exercise, and I did add in some swimming on two days. I love the continual weight loss and was really excited to see that I continued to lose while traveling.

“My appetite is controlled and my energy level is amazing. My body is not craving foods that are bad for me....it’s the MonaVie RVL effect....just makes you want to do and be more healthy. I have lost all taste for diet sodas.

“The RVL Shake Mix tastes great and mixes so easily in just a shaker cup. I have stayed with water as the fluid of choice and have enjoyed it daily. The snack bars are great—chocolate is actually my favorite, although I am not typically a “chocolate person.” The supplements really do work to help me control my appetite between meals.

“I love the system and the energy and feeling of well being it gives me knowing that I am finally in charge of my weight and health. Others are really noticing my weight loss and that makes it easy to share the program.

“It’s amazing. After 30 years of dieting, you have given me something that works. It’s really GREAT!”