RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Gwen Turnbull

MonaVie Gold Executive

Gwen Turnbull (Before) BEFORE
Gwen Turnbull (After) AFTER

My experience with MonaVie RVL was excellent. I found if I followed the program as directed I wasn't hungry and I never had any problems with feeling fatigued, shaky, or foggy headed.

I had gained a great deal of weight because my ability to exercise was affected by a congenital hip problem. I've had both hips replaced and I hope this weight loss will help me to become more active and to start the progress of getting my muscle development and fitness back to where they need to be for me to be more healthy.

I lost 28 pounds during the program. Even during the weeks when my weight loss was less than a pound, I could tell I was losing inches. Many people have noticed the difference and I have registered several people in the MonaVie business and inspired existing distributors to start the program. My daughter’s roommate started the program and lost 8 pounds.