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Greg Elson

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Greg Elson (Before) BEFORE
Greg Elson (After) AFTER

For the past four years, I have been going to the gym and working out. I never really considered myself “fat” but I really wished that I could reduce my weight and flatten my stomach. In September 2009, my extra weight finally caught up with me, so I decided to increase my exercise regimen and take more control over my diet. I began doing stomach exercises in the morning, continued my workouts at the gym in the evenings, and started walking two miles at night. I also reduced my consumption of salty foods, sodas, and sweets. With all of the exercising (along with changing my diet) I still didn't lose ANY weight. In fact, I think I even got a little heavier. I was stuck where I didn't want to be.

But then, the opportunity to try the MonaVie RVL products came along. We have been active distributors for MonaVie since 2009 and I saw MonaVie RVL as a way to hopefully get back in shape. The results we saw from this product line blew me away! Since starting, my stomach has noticeably flattened out. By the end of the trial, I had lost 30 pounds. (My goal was 20.) It was incredible!

Now, this is where it gets even better! I have been maintaining that loss so far in 2011! I had originally gone from 201 pounds to 171 pounds, and now I fluctuate between 168 and 170 pounds.

I love the taste of the shakes and the snack bars, and the supplements work extremely well for me! Now I simply replace one meal a day (usually lunch) and I keep up my exercise regimen.

MonaVie RVL has also TOTALLY rejuvenated our MonaVie business. We advanced from Star 1000 to Bronze Executive within days of MonaVie RVL becoming available for purchase. Our growth potential for 2011 is HUGE! I carry my before/after pictures with me EVERYWHERE I go! You know what they say, “Seeing is believing.” Thank you so much MonaVie! We are so excited to be a part of this great company.