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Success Stories:

Kathryn Evenson

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Kathryn Evenson (Before) BEFORE
Kathryn Evenson (After) AFTER

I had been steadily gaining weight over the last five years due to my busy teaching schedule. I would go from client to client without any real time for a break, so I relied on fast food to make it through my day. I would get home late, so the idea of cooking wasn’t really appealing. I would just end up snacking. Now, I just grab a shake on the go, put my bar and capsules in the truck, and off I go. MonaVie RVL made eating so convenient and gave me so much energy that I actually started to work out.

I lost 25 pounds throughout the holidays and I’m continuing to lose more unwanted weight. I fit in to my skinny jeans again and I love the results! MonaVie RVL has made clothes shopping fun again.