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Chris Evenson

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Chris Evenson (Before) BEFORE
Chris Evenson (After) AFTER

I’ve been struggling with my weight for years (by struggling I mean eating as much as I want when I want). I can tell you that nothing is easier than having a convenient, tasty alternative to eating like a garbage compactor.

I started MonaVie RVL at 210 pounds. I stuck to the MonaVie RVL plan and exercised a half hour a day, six days a week, even through the holidays. The process was stunning. I was actually getting results without suffering, and our food bill was the lowest it had been in years. On January 8, 2011, I broke in the New Year at 178 pounds and I had lost 3 inches off my waist. I have followed the system to a tee and it has paid off big time. Between the juice and MonaVie RVL I got my sexy back.