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Jamie Friedli

MonaVie Emerald Executive

Jamie Friedli (Before) BEFORE
Jamie Friedli (After) AFTER

What an amazing ride with this new product, RVL!

I have been involved in MonaVie since February of 2007. My husband loved the juice, and that gave us the conviction to share this product with others.

In April of 2009, I injured my ankle which required surgery. I had the surgery in June 2009 and was told not to do any exercise for one year. From April 2009 to June 2010 I put on about 30 pounds. I had reached a weight of 184 pounds, which was bigger than I had ever been—even at 9 months pregnant with both kids! I have always been a very confident woman, but I was really struggling with being that heavy.

In August, I learned that MonaVie was going to launch a weight management line. I could not believe it. I have so much confidence in the quality of MonaVie products that I knew this was my chance to lose the weight I so desperately needed to lose. My doctor told me to lose weight and eat better.

I heard about the opportunity to participate in the Friends and Family program and was DETERMINED to be a part of the study. I will never forget the day of the “before” photo. I literally had never felt more humiliated. It was awful. First of all, I didn't even like looking at myself in the mirror, much less being photographed, even fully clothed and completely covered up. When I saw myself on film, I convinced myself that no one would ever see that photo, just one or two MonaVie corporate representatives. How ironic that it ended up in a brochure!

 As of today, January 18, 2011, I have lost 32 pounds and I am still going. Once again, MonaVie has CHANGED MY LIFE! I feel confident and beautiful, ready to take on the world. I’ve got my sexy back.

Now, I am out there talking to everyone about RVL. This program is working for everyone and I refuse to keep it a secret. Thanks to all involved in this amazing adventure. I am completely committed to spreading the word about A More Meaningful Life.