RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Mark Nelan

MonaVie Gold Executive

Mark Nelan (Before) BEFORE
Mark Nelan (After) AFTER

My experience with the MonaVie RVL program totally exceeded any thought or idea I might have had prior to starting the program. Initially, I wanted to be included so I could not only tell people about the products, but show them. When the product arrived I really started to think about what I had committed to. It was a little scary but I had already committed.

In all my years of attempting to manage my weight, nothing really worked. Being a large framed person I carried my weight well and I was always just a big guy. Even with exercise, I would gain a few pounds and over time just expand my belt. I started to wear my shirts not tucked in. Basically, I was who I was, high blood pressure and all.

The MonaVie RVL program changed my life. My entire family got behind me. My wife put a lot of effort into preparing meals that worked with me and with the program. What inspired me was I had made a commitment to Brian Gill and to Dallin Larsen that if I was included I would follow the program and not cheat. I had no candy at Halloween and Thanksgiving week I lost two pounds. At a football game a person asked me how I could be at the tailgate party and not eat and drink. My answer somewhat surprised me, “The program I'm on isn't just about losing weight.” To me it really wasn't just about losing weight, but creating a huge economic opportunity.

 The weight I submitted before starting the program was 243 pounds. My actual weight when I started was 245 pounds. Today I weigh 212 pounds. It's hard to believe I lost 33 pounds. Most importantly, my energy level is where it was 20 years ago.

I accomplished my goals, keeping the big picture in mind. I understood going in that it was a journey. I wasn't just going to wake up two or three months down the road and be 20 or 30 pounds lighter. What amazed me the most is where I lost the weight and how my muscle definition improved with just a little weight lifting. Nothing like I used to do when I was playing football.

Some people have said they didn't get hungry. I did continue to get hungry at night. Early on I started to eat hot air-popped corn and this was my treat. I also ate almonds as a late afternoon treat on occasion.

My wife is not only my best friend, she is also my coach. Without her support I don't think I would have had the success I experienced. She also drank one shake and took the supplements. She didn't so much lose a lot of weight, but for whatever reason was able to start wearing clothes that didn't fit prior to using MonaVie RVL. Today she still drinks one MonaVie RVL shake per day.

We have several people today that as a result of my success are using the product. We have a 72-year-old business owner who doesn't exercise using the product and he has lost 12 to 14 pounds over the holidays. He came to our Peoria launch party and gave a great testimony to the product. We have a 50-plus year old women losing weight around the middle and I guess this is hard to accomplish.

The biggest thing I think that needs to be said is, when people use the MonaVie RVL system they will lose weight in the areas you want and need to lose the weight. I just returned from two weeks of trade shows. Using the product in the booth saved me substantial money in addition to allowing me to share the product in my other business. MonaVie RVL has turned into a way of life for me and for my family. My kids use the shakes for extra nutrition.