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Kristin Koch

MonaVie Distributor

Kristin Koch (Before) BEFORE
Kristin Koch (After) AFTER

I think MonaVie RVL is the best on the market and the best for our health. So far on the program I have lost 20 pounds. My life before MonaVie RVL was spiraling out of control! I am a hairdresser and busy is how we do things. Most of the time, my health was the last thing on my mind. I would rush out of the house without eating breakfast (trying to get food in my daughters tummy was much more important). I would get to work and start my day with two to five cups of coffee with cream and sugar. Around lunch time I’d realize I didn't have anything for lunch and I was starting to get the shakes and dizzy spells. So, I would order in food or hope someone was running out to get fast food. Lunch usually happened at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and almost always was a terrible food choice. I would work until 8 or 9 p.m. and either stop at another food joint or I would come home and eat anything in sight. During the day I was also consuming up to three sodas a day.

MonaVie RVL has changed my life!
Now, I get up, my daughter and I have a “chocolate milkshake” (my daughter calls it), and I pack myself a few fruit choices and a snack bar. Lunch comes and I don't ever have to wonder what I'm going to put in my body and have guilt about it later. I don't have to leave my client’s side to have a cheeseburger in the back room. I get to just shake up my MonaVie RVL shake mix with water and drink it right there. My clients are curious about what it is, and I just love telling them.

I have a hard time even describing how I feel today. In only a few weeks I feel like God has renewed me, my life, my health, and my body. I could never thank MonaVie enough. I know this will change the lives of many in no time at all. I will dedicate the energy I have gotten back to sharing this experience with everyone I know and everyone I see that needs a lift. Thank you MonaVie!