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Leigh Armstrong

MonaVie Distributor

Leigh Armstrong (Before) BEFORE
Leigh Armstrong (After) AFTER

When I was first introduced to MonaVie I weighed 200 pounds and had been struggling with weight loss for a long time. I just identified myself as “fat.” I knew I was unhealthy but I neither had the time in my schedule, nor the money to really eat the way I wanted to. I work a variable schedule and did not have the time to prepare foods that were going to give me the nutrition I knew I needed. I was grabbing fast food, on-the-go kind of stuff, or just not eating all day until I got home. I would eat a big dinner and go to sleep. I knew I needed a better way—and then I met RVL!

I have lost 25 pounds so far and I’m not done yet. I’ve recognized that God gave me this body and it’s up to me to take care of it—and I’m worth it.

I have incorporated working out and yoga into my lifestyle—again, it’s just a matter of making the time. There is time for what is important. RVL has not only provided me with great nutrition that tastes great and keeps me feeling full, it’s provided me with a new outlook on life. I see how making healthy choices in one area can affect your entire life. My husband and I have started walking on a path near our house together in the evenings. (He’s lost 20 pounds so far.)

I am a beautiful woman–fearfully and wonderfully made–and I’m being RVLed!

Thank you Dallin and Jeff for making this product available. Thanks for the opportunity to try it, just as I joined. I really got to be family. Thank you Brig, for being the inspiration to me to do something remarkable. This is just the beginning of my MonaVie story. My life is better because of what you have done.