RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Dan Healy

MonaVie Gold Executive

Dan Healy (Before) BEFORE
Dan Healy (After) AFTER

“I played college basketball at 6' 6" and 185 pounds. During that time I blew out my knee and quickly gained 40 pounds. Seven years later I blew out my other knee playing for my church. This time I gained 65 pounds. I have been between 290 and 310 pounds for the last 20 years. I did drop to 268 pounds in March of 2000 when I ran the LA Marathon. That was seven months of hard training to lose just 32 pounds.

“I am very pleased with my results from the MonaVie RVL products. I have lost 52 pounds so far. I love the ease of the program. The part that has amazed me the most is my lack of hunger. I love food. With the amount of nutrition in the shakes and the bars, hunger has never been an issue. Thank You MonaVie.”