RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Mark Hutchings

MonaVie Gold Executive

Mark Hutchings (Before) BEFORE
Mark Hutchings (After) AFTER

RVL has been a fantastic experience overall. My Doctor said I needed to lose weight. My scales and my mirror both agreed. My initial weight had gotten up to 307, and at the age of 50 that was absurd. At the end of the Friends and Family trial, I had lost 31 pounds. I plan on staying on the program until I have lost 100 pounds.

The products Mona Vie provided us were first class. The shake was very tasty and sustaining. There is no way that the chocolate bar tasted “healthy”—it is THAT good. The berry bar is also very filling.

I was very blessed to have my wife, Betty, on the program with me. We both encouraged each other and acted as accountability partners. I travel a lot for my job and found that the program can still be done on the road.

The support that we had from MonaVie was exceptional. The emails and the surveys always kept us in touch. People are noticing the slimmer figure and we hope that we can be walking, talking billboards for our business.