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Success Stories:

Janice Maschek

MonaVie Emerald Executive

Janice Maschek (Before) BEFORE
Janice Maschek (After) AFTER

I am so pleased with the MonaVie RVL program. I found it easy to follow and exciting as I dropped the weight.

I have been haunted for years with overweight issues and have tried several, very expensive, programs. The food groups and dishes were horrible. The shopping for certain items was crazy, especially since I am not a shopper. My husband does all the shopping.

I own and manage my real estate company. I have three offices and twelve agents. So my hours are very long and I am always in a hurry, no time to worry about food preparation. The shake in the morning and afternoon was perfect and tasted good! I have never been able to handle supplements of any type. The MonaVie RVL supplements were perfect. I love the bars and watched the clock to see when I could have another, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

So far I have lost 25 pounds. I am reaching for 30 pounds, but now I have set my goals for a total of 40 pounds. Shopping for clothes has been a kick. I found things in my closet that I purchased and were too small and now they fit! It is so much fun when you run into someone who hasn't seen you in awhile and see their reaction. Several of our distributors have ordered the product.

Our business with MonaVie has been a roller coaster ride and market/economics have not helped. We are introducing the product individually and are now preparing for evening meetings. Our upline, Mick and Vick, have certainly been a huge influence. My Facebook page is full of great stories. Everyone encourages me and I hope my success will encourage others. I have not moved as fast as others, but I am moving in the right direction! Thank you MonaVie!