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Lee Bryson

MonaVie Blue Diamond Executive

Lee Bryson (Before) BEFORE
Lee Bryson (After) AFTER

I met my goal weight loss of 50 pounds and since then I have lost two more pounds. I started at 254 pounds and now I am down to 202 pounds. I feel unbelievable and am much leaner, stronger, and have much more endurance.

My racquetball partner is a retired Army drill sergeant and he started asking me questions about MonaVie RVL when I had lost 20 pounds. (He was totally negative about MonaVie before.) By the time I had lost 30 pounds he said he might like to get on the program. He started the MonaVie RVL program around the time I had lost 40 pounds and was asking how to “network the stuff” around the time I had lost 50 pounds.

I was inspired initially to lose the weight because I wanted to use what I was going to be promoting.  Thank heavens MonaVie RVL came along because I certainly needed to lose the weight. I was inspired to continue on because of tenacity on my part and I really loved the whole process.  At first I was going to weigh myself once a week, but I got anxious when my wife, Donna, was checking her weight daily and getting tremendous results.  To be able to report a significant weight loss weekly thru the process was truly a great thing.

The MonaVie RVL products are great, and I do not have a problem telling anyone that this is the best weight management system out there, period!  They are truly the tool that helped me. The products taste great and I got great results.

I have no problem sending pictures of myself before and after the program. Every Wednesday morning I would check my fat percentage and my BMI at the gym.  My fat went from 30.9% to 21.1% since I started and my BMI went from 34.9 to 28.5. I am now loving the new body and I’m working to get into greater shape and to chisel a few more pounds off.