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Jonathan Acevedo

MonaVie Emerald Executive

Jonathan Acevedo (Before) BEFORE
Jonathan Acevedo (After) AFTER

Wow. What an experience! MonaVie RVL isn't just a product; it is a way of life! I gained more than 50 pounds since I got married seven years ago. I love my wife and kids and my married life is wonderful, full of blessings, but for the last seven years I have struggled with my weight gain going from 160 pounds to a really non-healthy 210 pounds. I have tried multiple ways to lose weight with no results. I tried to exercise, but when I saw no results I got frustrated and quit.

I also tried many diets, but, you know, it is really annoying to find the right thing to eat three times a day, seven days a week, every week, every month. And, in addition, it is almost impossible to continue your diet when you are far from home.

MonaVie RVL is an awesome program that fills any gap in my day-by-day activities. Since starting the program in November 2010, I have lost 26 pounds. As a result of it I’m feeling alive, ready to continue and reach my goal of transforming my body and being healthy.

It is great that I don't have to hustle every day to find what to eat. MonaVie RVL gives me so much energy that I’m really focused with my daily exercise routine, seeing results every week. It is really easy and simple to take my shake mix so I can have my meal anytime, anywhere.

Losing weight the healthy way and saving tons of money when you are not home is priceless.