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Carina Bartzis

MonaVie Silver Executive

Carina Bartzis (Before) BEFORE
Carina Bartzis (After) AFTER

My husband and I started MonaVie RVL in November. We followed the basic guidelines of two shakes, two snacks and supplements, and a healthy meal, as well as MonaVie Active. I loved it right from the beginning. I was satisfied and I never felt hungry or weak. I was even able to still do my regular blood donation.

We don't belong to a gym, so our form of cardio was walking, light hiking, and just recently, tennis. I have lost 23 pounds and 22 inches so far. This was my first weight loss program and I LOVE it. MonaVie RVL truly values life through healthy weight loss. I wouldn't expect anything less of MonaVie.