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Brett Garlick

MonaVie Corporate

Brett Garlick (Before) BEFORE
Brett Garlick (After) AFTER

I began the pilot program with MonaVie RVL in November 2010 and so far I have lost 43 pounds! This program is a life changer. It took a bit of will power in the beginning, but soon it became easy to adhere to the program. Even during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I was able to stick to the MonaVie RVL plan with relative ease.

This was my routine: I had a shake in the morning for breakfast mixed with skim milk, a snack bar with supplement in between breakfast and lunch. I chose to eat lunch as my one meal a day because I am a social eater and like to eat with others. I had a snack bar with supplement in between lunch and dinner, and had a shake mixed with water for dinner in the evening.

I loved the taste of the shake and the snack bars. They were very satisfying. I always had plenty of energy. Even as I walked for 30 to 40 minutes each day, I never felt tired or run down. I began to work with a personal trainer after the first 30 days and that extra resistance training is helping to increase my metabolism.

Although the pounds seem to melt away, there were times when it seemed like I was working hard and I was staying the same weight or gaining a pound or two. What I realized is that the muscle I was gaining was heavier than the fat I was losing. What was just as exciting as the weight loss was the inches I was losing and the improvement in my overall health. This is what I was really looking for in a weight loss program!

At the end of the program, in addition to the 43 pounds, I also lost 2 inches from my neck, 8 inches from my chest, 9 inches around my stomach, and 6 inches from my waist. I now have the energy to keep up the cardiovascular and resistance training. And, I have learned so much about what makes up a healthy 600 calorie meal that it is easy to keep my meals healthy even when I eat out. What I've learned and the changes that have happened to me physically are highly motivating as I transition to a new, healthier life. I couldn't have done this without MonaVie RVL. MonaVie has changed my life and I will be forever grateful. My wife and children comment on the new me almost every day. Thanks, MonaVie!