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Success Stories:

Kyle Nelson

MonaVie Distributor

Kyle Nelson (Before) BEFORE
Kyle Nelson (After) AFTER

I have tried every diet possible and they would never work. Finally, I got on MonaVie RVL—a premier weight management system—and it works! I found the secret to weight loss...ready for it? DO NOT DIET! You must follow a system, just like the one MonaVie has given us.

The MonaVie RVL system = save yourself time, energy, and money. MonaVie RVL is time saving because of the convenience of the product—saving tons of energy not having to count points, weigh your food, or any other weird thing out there. And of course we are saving tons of money on groceries. MonaVie RVL has not only helped me lose weight, but it has made me more conscious about everything I eat. I now pay attention to what I put in my body.

Take it from a college student who has a horrible diet. MonaVie RVL WORKS! I’m down 42 pounds. Thank you MonaVie for changing my life in ways I could never imagine!