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Derek (DJ) Scott II

MonaVie Distributor

Derek (DJ) Scott II (Before) BEFORE
Derek (DJ) Scott II (After) AFTER

I started MonaVie RVL in November 2010, just after my parents Derek and Tammy Scott did. I was amazed by their results and it encouraged me and motivated me to take the same initiative.

I weighed in at 234 pounds, just like my dad, and even without exercising during the first part I lost about 20 pounds.

I realized from my dad that I needed to do some exercise. I am a 20 year old college student and have access to my university’s gym. I truly did hate running, and my school and work schedule was so demanding I didn’t think I had the time or energy for exercise. But now, I take one-unit courses in weight lifting, running, and ultimate Frisbee, something I would have NEVER considered before.

Exercising and being healthy has become a part of my lifestyle and I attribute this to the MonaVie RVL program. I am now at three and a half months into MonaVie RVL. I went from a waist size of 40, to a comfortable and loose 34. I now weigh in at 197 and continue my journey to be more fit. I expect to have gained a killer beach body by summer.

I have enrolled some of my college friends on the MonaVie RVL program and I expect that I will help them to help their friends and family too.

Thank you all for all you have done for my family and for the future of all families ready to make a life change.