RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Duane Hancock

MonaVie Gold Executive

Duane Hancock (Before) BEFORE
Duane Hancock (After) AFTER

I have been overweight for many, many years; I weighed 300 pounds. I had no answer, my body was inflamed.

When I was 34 years old I started having trouble with my knee. I was up against a brick wall, when along came MonaVie Active. My life started changing. I was able to be more mobile and lost down to 268 pounds.
Then MonaVie introduced the MonaVie RVL system and life began to change one more time. I became lighter as I started losing the pounds. Now I weigh 208 pounds and I feel like working out, not saving my steps and energy for work.

A door has been opened on that brick wall that I had no answer for, and my wife and I have stepped through it and will never go back. I just thank my line of sponsorship for saying yes to MonaVie—all the way to Brig Hart. Thank you, God, for blessing Dallin and Karree with this company. Now it is our commitment and duty to share this with everyone.