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Laura Dunn

MonaVie Distributor

Laura Dunn (Before) BEFORE
Laura Dunn (After) AFTER

Before MonaVie RVL, I made so many excuses about why I couldn't lose weight. I blamed my age, my divorce, finances, depression. After a while, I had no desire to try to convince myself that it was okay.

Then MonaVie announced that they were coming out with a weight management system. Wow! It was practical, easy, and full of so much great nutrition that I will always use it even after I reach my goal. And, it’s also an easy-to-follow system for success. MonaVie RVL was the perfect fit for me.

After starting MonaVie RVL in November and actually losing weight over the holidays, I am feeling like a walking billboard. There is an added bounce in my step, and certainly a brighter smile on my face. People are asking. And believe me, I am telling!

There is no excuse. I know if I can do it, anyone can.