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Billy Jackson

MonaVie Silver Executive

Billy Jackson (Before) BEFORE
Billy Jackson (After) AFTER

I started drinking MonaVie Active in December of 2008 in the hope that it would help with some joint issues I had from sports abuse when younger. It really helped me. So I was convinced and I started drinking Pulse too. If only it could have helped me lose weight.

When I talked to people about my success with the juices, I was often asked, "Will it help me lose weight?"  Oh baby, do I have an answer for that question now! MonaVie RVL has given me reason to revisit many people I had spoken with in the past two years. Now I'm talking to people who were looking for a way to lose weight and I have my own story to share with them about my success with MonaVie RVL.

At 225 pounds and 5'10" tall, l knew I needed to lose weight. My doctor kept telling me that the belly fat I carried was a ticking time bomb. So, I started trying to lose the weight. I tried over-the-counter diet pills, weight loss plans, and just plain starving myself, but nothing satisfied me. After only losing seven pounds in several months, I was beaten and gave up again. Then came MonaVie RVL. Because I already knew how good the juice was, I became excited to see what MonaVie RVL could do for me. In November 2010 I started my trek toward total health and fitness.

I started using MonaVie RVL at a weight of 218 pounds. In the first few weeks I lost more weight than I had with all the point counting and pill popping plans I had tried before. And I wasn't as hungry. That's what always got me before. I was always struggling with an unsatisfied appetite.

Well the pounds kept dropping, but what I really noticed was how the inches were melting around my mid-section. In the beginning I was more than 44 inches around the biggest part of what my grandson, Aiden, had affectionately named "Papa's fat belly."

I will be honest and say that at times it got boring drinking the same thing and eating the same snacks, but that's when my fellow "RVLers" and I would get creative and come up with different ways to mix and prepare our shakes and find new ideas for snacks. And the MonaVie RVL site was a great way of blogging and learning these ideas. Dinner was never a challenge really, with all the recipes listed on the MonaVie RVL site. Plus, it was easier because I didn't have to figure out which category every calorie came from. Eating sensibly leaves lots of options available.
I have reached my goal weight of 175 pounds. "Papa's fat belly" is now about 37 inches and my pant size is now a 33, down from a 37.

Now that I have been on the MonaVie RVL maintenance plan for a few weeks and I am maintaining my weight at 175 pounds, I plan to start my exercise routine. MonaVie has truly thought this plan through, A to Z. The energy and mental alertness I feel now is incredible. Thank you MonaVie for helping me reveal the best me!