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Barbara Yeakel

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Barbara Yeakel (Before) BEFORE
Barbara Yeakel (After) AFTER

I started MonaVie RVL with the family and friends program. I had been praying for a solution to my overeating and MonaVie RVL seemed like it would be the perfect fit. I really needed it to work. I had tried everything else out there and at 56 years old, I had pretty much given up hope that I could find something that could work for me.

MonaVie RVL showed up just in time and I really have hope now that anyone can do this. The MonaVie juice showed up for me two years ago and changed my life back then, and when I heard about MonaVie RVL I knew it would be good, but I had no idea just how perfect this would be for me.

I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, free of that addiction for over 21 years, but I could not get free from my compulsive overeating. Today I am a free woman! Thank you so much. I love my shakes, bars, and supplements. I feel younger than I have in years and I have so much energy. I believe that when I have the proper nutrients in my body, my body works the way it was designed to. I can feel the difference and others can clearly see the difference. I don't always see myself in the best light, but it helps to hear what others are seeing in me.

I can't imagine not having MonaVie RVL at least for one meal a day for as long as I live. Thank you again.