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Bobby "Fatty" Pauls

MonaVie Distributor

Bobby "Fatty" Pauls (Before) BEFORE
Bobby "Fatty" Pauls (After) AFTER

I have tried and struggled to lose weight for at least 80 percent of my life. I tried all kinds of diets and never truly found great success. In the summer, my sponsor into the MonaVie business reached out to me to tell me about a new weight loss program that was launching. My first response was, "That's a gimmick diet; I want nothing to do with it." As time went on and the pre-launch was about to happen, he contacted me once more and asked me to sit down and talk to him about MonaVie RVL. He told me he just wanted my opinion on the diet since I was an "expert on different diets." So I agreed and sat down with him.

Once I read the information about MonaVie RVL, I realized at that moment that this was something very special indeed. It wasn't a gimmick or a fad diet. It was something very different. I got in for the pre-launch of MonaVie RVL and I started a Facebook page called "Follow Fatty." This way, my friends and family could follow me on this journey.

My fellow distributors started sending their friends to follow as well. With more than 2,000 Facebook friends, the journey started. As the weeks went on, I was able to lose (and still lose) as people watched me demolish "the holidays," two birthdays, and a vacation to Disney World. Every Monday when I post my weight, I get numerous posts congratulating me and asking how they too can join the "RVL-ution."

I feel blessed to be able to get my friends and family on MonaVie RVL and help them with something that I myself have struggled with all of my life. I know with MonaVie RVL I will not stop until I reach my goal weight, and I am able to see all my friends who are also on MonaVie RVL meet their goals.
MonaVie RVL is a life changing experience for me that I would never have considered if not for the persistence of my friend and sponsor, Tim McGowan. I am down 56.9 pounds and counting. The journey is only beginning. Viva la RVL-ution!