RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Efrain Betancourt

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Efrain Betancourt (Before) BEFORE
Efrain Betancourt (After) AFTER

I started the MonaVie RVL program in November 2010. I have been fighting my weight since my childhood. I have tried many other products and systems, but up until now, only had mixed success.

With MonaVie RVL I have had the great success, plus now I'm doing it in a healthy way. MonaVie RVL has changed my life already, from being able to tie my shoes, to being able to hug and dance with my wife without leaning over my belly. Now my kids are able to get their arms all the way around me and lock their hands together without what’s like a 22 pound bowling ball between us. I have more energy to get up earlier in the morning to do my exercise.

My MonaVie Central Maryland team has been encouraged by my success and now they are more fired up than ever. I plan to continue with MonaVie RVL until I reach my goal of 250 pounds from 309 pounds. Thank you MonaVie RVL.