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Gerald Evans

MonaVie Distributor

Gerald Evans (Before) BEFORE
Gerald Evans (After) AFTER

Hello my name is Gerald Evans. I have been on MonaVie RVL since November 2010 and I have lost a total of 25 pounds.

Initially I did not need to lose much weight, but I wanted to see for myself if MonaVie RVL actually worked. I have always had a healthy diet (some temptations were not avoided of course), stayed away from sodas, and fast foods were at a minimum.

Because I knew MonaVie RVL was coming out in August 2010, I decided to "prepare my body" by exercising a little more than usual and of course cutting down on some of the temptations.

During my initial weight loss journey, I had lost only four pounds. Once I started using MonaVie RVL, I lost 20 pounds in the same amount of time. When I started MonaVie RVL, I actually cut back a little on my exercise and had more temptations due to the holiday season.

Many think that just eating healthy and exercise is enough to lose weight, but they forget you can eat quite healthy and still not get the proper nutrition. I believe the nutrition I am getting from MonaVie RVL is the key to the success that I'm having and that many others are having. I have more energy and I also appreciate the compliments I get from my family, friends, and coworkers. I recommend MonaVie RVL to anyone who is serious about a healthy weight management program.