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Brian Beckstead

MonaVie Distributor

Brian Beckstead (Before) BEFORE
Brian Beckstead (After) AFTER

I started MonaVie RVL in December. I had to go to a funeral for my Grandfather and realized that the suit I had in the closet was not going to fit. I ended up finding a suit, but realized I needed to do something about my weight.

I started with MonaVie in August of 2010, and found it difficult to talk about the great nutritional products because of my unhealthy look. Brig Hart said to us in a meeting that we are representing a nutritional company and we need to look like we do.

Once I started the MonaVie RVL program, I saw good results. I had a few rough days like my anniversary, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and New Year’s Eve, but I still managed to keep losing weight. This MonaVie RVL system is the best I have ever tried. I never get tired of drinking the delicious shakes or eating the wonderful snack bars.

My wife loves my new look and people are asking me all the time what I am doing and how much weight I have lost. I have never felt so good and had such confidence. My waistline is shrinking, but my MonaVie business is growing. Last week we just missed Bronze.

I still have more weight to lose, but I know I am going to keep using the MonaVie RVL system to get to my goal weight. See you in another 12 weeks.