RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Dawn Suszka

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Dawn Suszka (Before) BEFORE
Dawn Suszka (After) AFTER

Before: In March 2010, I weighed 230 pounds. I couldn't go to the gym. No, that's not true—I wouldn't go to the gym because I was embarrassed. Plus, it felt almost impossible for me to get there because of lack of energy.

After: Well, just look at the pictures. My before picture was taken after I had already lost 60 pounds. MonaVie Active juice helped me with that first 60 pounds.

Now, I weigh 149 pounds. I only have 10 to go! I have much less pain now. The only time I hurt is after I go to Zumba, baby. So I hurt twice a week.

How did I find MonaVie? I went to a tasting party "as a favor" to my friend. She just needed someone to go with her. That favor changed my life!