RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Joe Pulsonetti

MonaVie Gold Executive

Joe Pulsonetti (Before) BEFORE
Joe Pulsonetti (After) AFTER

I started MonaVie RVL in November 2010. It has transformed my lifestyle in ways I couldn't have imagined after losing 30 pounds.

I still play baseball, at 41 years young, against 18 year olds. So, this was more of a reason to change the way I treated my body. I am so grateful for MonaVie. My family and friends have noticed a difference and are asking what's going on.

Our leaders are right to say we are walking billboards. It's great to see how people's lifestyles are changing when they are using MonaVie RVL. They have a glow about them. We are changing people's lives when we share this with them.
Rex Crain is right when he says, "Don't live life by default, live it by design." Thanks so much, MonaVie, for creating such a great product and opportunity.