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Jillene F. Carlisle

MonaVie Emerald Executive

Jillene F. Carlisle (Before) BEFORE
Jillene F. Carlisle (After) AFTER

I have not been at a healthy weight for my height for 14 years. When the proverbial 40s struck, I noticed a big slow down in my metabolism and my ability to lose the weight. Much to my shock, I discovered I was in the obese category by two pounds. I was disheartened and disappointed with myself, and very determined to change my status of obese to healthy. I wanted to feel good and look good.

Thanks to the MonaVie RVL website, I was able to know exactly where I was with my weight and how much I needed to lose to achieve a healthy weight for my height.

I began my MonaVie RVL weight loss journey in November 2010. I had already been swimming daily for several months and although I was a little trimmer, my weight on the scale did not reflect it. Therefore, I knew I needed to tackle my eating habits and overall nutrition. I started following the MonaVie RVL program, of the shakes, supplements, and healthy snacks. I continued to swim daily, but I did not increase my exercise.

I lost 24 pounds through the holidays, while still enjoying holiday meals. I am 31 pounds down in the after photo, and to date I am 40 pounds down with only one more pound to go to reach a healthy weight on the "dern" doctor's scale. I am very excited as I will take the last pound off to reach healthy weight and I will do it with the use of MonaVie RVL and the recommended program.

Today, I feel very fit and swim three miles daily. Thank goodness for MonaVie Active juice for my swimming! MonaVie RVL products took my weight off and swimming sculpts my new, much thinner shape.

Thank you, MonaVie, for developing a weight management solution that works and for allowing me to make my decision to hold myself accountable for my health to my husband Mark, (down 26 pounds), and my children, Brooklynn and Nic, along with my MonaVie family. I will spend the rest my days happily managing my new weight instead of managing the unhealthy and life threatening side effects of being in the obese weight category. I'm most appreciative and grateful.