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Bill Colleran

MonaVie Gold Executive

Bill Colleran (Before) BEFORE
Bill Colleran (After) AFTER

I was one of the lucky ones to be able to get the MonaVie RVL product early. At my first weigh-in, I weighed 251 pounds. Through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I still lost weight, and by the end of January I had lost 40 pounds.

I really didn't know what I was doing, just followed the plan. I was not good at going to the gym, but found I had more energy and was doing my around the house honey-do list. I spoke to my upline, looked in the mirror, and decided to go a little more and make it an even 50 pounds. So I weighed again in March and I had actually lost a few more pounds without really trying for a total of 43 pounds. By the time I was done I was down 50 pounds.

I just recently joined the gym and decided I wanted to get a bit more toned. I think I've been there about 10 times. I'm starting to increase the weights and finding out that all the muscles were hiding behind the fat.

I'm on the fence if I'll go any further. I may hold here a bit and see if I can change the last of the fat into muscle. Or, I may make mini-goals of 5 pounds at a time. Either way, I win. It's really strange how people look and interact with me differently, in a more positive way. I guess before, I was the fat guy, with all the answers. I don't need to try and prove myself any more, I don't need to have all the answers. People seem to respect me for who I am.

I was a bit afraid of "giving up" food. What I found was, the shakes and snack bars are good. I look forward to them. I feel much healthier now. I can tell when I eat unhealthy food. It slows down my energy level.

This is a lifestyle, and a much better one at that. My recommendation is, just start with the product and see where it takes you. People will be saying, "Wow, you look great!" and that's one way to open the door to sharing the product. Building the business, I realized that just by talking to people and really listening, you will hear reasons why they should get involved with the program. If you stay focused and on target, you will find many ways to open the door and share the MonaVie opportunity with those you know and those you come in contact with.

Best of health, and I can't wait to read your story.