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Jimmy Sullivan

MonaVie Gold Executive

Jimmy Sullivan (Before) BEFORE
Jimmy Sullivan (After) AFTER

My introduction to MonaVie was on December 30, 2008. Tish Moon, my very good friend, was invited over for dinner by my two daughters. She came to dinner because a few days earlier, on Dec 19, 2008, my wife of 31 years, Lynda, (who was also Tish's friend) had passed away. So, needless to say, I was not in very good shape. I had been fighting obesity for 30 years, I was 320 pounds, and my physical and emotional condition was bad. During the dinner we caught up on life, then Tish said to me, "I want you to drink this MonaVie juice." I did not even ask why, because she is a very good friend (and friends do as friends do). "What do I do?" I asked her. Tish said to order three cases and go on a monthly three-case AutoShip. When I asked why I needed three cases, she told me, two to drink and one to share. Okay, I said, but why do I drink that much? She said it was because I was in a whole different playing field now.

I started drinking MonaVie juice that night, and one week later I noticed something inside starting to feel good. Within two months I had more energy. Soon after, Tish and I talked and decided that we would become a couple. I also decided to finally do the work to pay for my juice. In August of 2009, we were on our way to Sturgis, North Dakota, for the big bike rally. Well, we decided to turn east and meet up with the east coast bike tour with Brig Hart. Throughout the first three days of camping with Brig and his troops, Brig, being Brig, got to know our story. I stayed away from the morning readings, making excuses, but we rode every day with the group. My life was changed on the very last day. I walked over to the crowd. It was ride time. Well, Brig looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Jimmy, I would like you to close your eyes and open your heart." (I actually said, for what?) Brig did the sinner's prayer for me, and I broke down crying like a little baby. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me and said, "You just allowed god to enter your heart." From that moment on, I had a peace in my heart that I still carry today. And yes, I have goose bumps even writing this.

More good news being with Tish, she got my diet changed and I got down to 280 pounds, but got stuck there. I started MonaVie RVL in December 2010, and was out in camp working. I dropped 15 pounds and thought, this stuff is going to work. So, I got active and followed the program. Today I am down to 237 pounds. Tish and I are doing great, growing every day. We are MonaVie Gold Executives and cannot get to Utah soon enough (June 9th). Thank You, MonaVie. God bless.