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Annie Kern

MonaVie Silver Executive

Annie Kern (Before) BEFORE
Annie Kern (After) AFTER

I lost 25 pounds. I know it probably sounds like so little to some people, but to me, I feel like I am living again! I am a full time working mom with three kids. Emma is my oldest, she is 4. Then comes Tyler, who is 3. Then, my baby Lucian, who is 10 months old. They are my pride and joy, but it has also taken a toll on my body. All of my weight gain has been with my three pregnancies. I gained 40 pounds with the first, 30 pounds with the second, and 25 pounds with the last.

I worked at the same job for almost nine years. I worked in retail. It was stressful and fast paced and whether I was pregnant or sleep deprived, I had to be there to serve others with a smile. Walking around an 8,000 square foot store in flip flops (to be trendy) and pregnant three times, put a large strain on my body.

My first two kids are less than 18 months apart, so eating was not a priority for me anymore. I was lucky if I got two meals a day, and whatever I was eating surely was in no way nutritious. I was eating what was fast because I was hungry, now, and always in a hurry.

During my six week check up after my second child was born, I had to sit through a humiliating conversation with my doctor about how, not only was I obese, but I had now surpassed that and was morbidly obese. It brought tears to my eyes, but I listened to what he had to say and followed his direction. He told me to see a dietitian, so I did. At my appointment with her, she showed me a portion control plate and told me I needed to invest in one. It is a plate split into four equal parts; carbs, protein, fruit, and veggies. She told me that was how I need to eat and that I needed to do that five times a day. She also gave me a food journal and wanted me to write down everything I ate, the portion, and the calories. I did it very diligently…for three days. It was almost impossible with my busy schedule to eat five times a day, perfectly portioned meals. So I told myself that I was fine and my husband still loved me even though I was chubby and moved on again, back to my busy life.

Last summer, after baby three, I wasn't bouncing back very well. Everyone in my life was starting to worry about me and wondered what was going on. I was angry and pushed everyone away. I would come home from work to my beautiful family and my new three-month-old baby who needed his mommy, and push them all away. I was so tired. I slept 10 to 12 hours a day. My body hurt all the time. My husband would come home and I would throw the kids at him and go to bed. I was angry with everyone at work. I was horrible to my husband. I was so unhappy about my 100 pound weight gain. I knew how I was acting, but didn't care because I was so exhausted.

Shortly after that, in November, my husband lost his job somewhat unexpectedly. I’m pretty sure that pushed my craziness even further. I was lost and didn't know how to fix it.
Well, my amazing sister, who has been a distributor with MonaVie for almost two years, paid for me to go to Dream Days in Seattle just five days after my husband lost his job. She saw my rapid spiral downward and knew I needed to go. She had told me that MonaVie was launching a weight management program and I knew I needed to be on it. I had to. I didn't know what else to do. My health was failing, my life falling apart.

Well a spark lit in me during Dream Days and I knew that MonaVie and even more so for me, RVL was the only thing that was going to help me and my family. It has done so more then I can ever imagine. When they tell you it will change your life it sounds so silly, but for me it really did. I am a quarter of the way to my goal of losing 100 pounds. I have lost more than six inches in my waist alone.

I want to be a mom to my children again! I want to be a loving wife to my husband again. I want to be an asset at work not a drawback. I know I am not losing the weight as fast as some others, but I really don't care because I am losing it the right way. I don't always follow it 100 percent every day, and that is okay. Some weeks I could only find time to work out once. And yes, I had ice cream at my son’s third birthday.

The weight is still coming off. I am a busy mom. It isn't going to be perfect every week, but it is healthy. I'm losing weight healthily. No more portion control plates for me. No more planning or skipping meals, because the MonaVie RVL program is just so simple and amazing.

I am happy again. I have energy even after I work out. I’m playing with my kids again. And, I am building a future for my family—a secure future. No more wondering if my husband will get fired. I want to share this with the world. We will either pay for our health now or later. Sign me up for now!

I want to live my life in a healthy way and I want to share this product with the world. Thanks again to my sister for steering me in the right direction. Thanks to my husband for not giving up on me, and thanks to MonaVie for making this possible!