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Dallin A. Larsen

Founder, Chairman, and CEO - MonaVie Corporate

Dallin A. Larsen (Before) BEFORE
Dallin A. Larsen (After) AFTER

When I graduated from high school in 1977, I weighed roughly 135 pounds. Since that time, my weight has continued to go up each and every year. At my peak, I weighed 220 pounds! Sometimes it’s not until you see a picture of yourself that you realize how much you’ve changed. I used to own weight loss franchises so I’ve been around weight loss programs for years and years; but, that still didn’t seem to help me. The older I got, the harder it became for me to muster up the courage and energy to start another attempt at getting more fit. 

My motivation for losing weight (but more importantly, getting healthier), is so that I can hopefully remain more active over the next 20-plus years in order to enjoy, with Karree, being involved in Boo and Dane’s youth. They are now 5 and 6 years old and I don’t want to be an old man when my two youngest reach teenage years. I need to be able to still frighten my girl’s boyfriends! :)

In September, we were all reminded how precious life is and how it can be taken from us at any moment. The week I returned from giving the eulogy at Darrell Utterbach’s funeral, I decided that it was time to take more personal time on improving my health and make it a higher priority.

I’ve tried doing this before and I generally get burned out after a few weeks, so I really need to be incredibly disciplined. I travel a lot, and I’ve made that an excuse for years and years as to why I just can’t get in very good shape. I’m not going to use that as an excuse anymore. I’ve now decided that at 51 years of age, I deserve to invest in myself and in my health. 

Part of living a more meaningful life is having a healthy mind and body to experience life so richly. I know that if I can do it, you can too! Let’s make MonaVie the healthiest AND best company FOR the world!

— Dallin A. Larsen,
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, MonaVie