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Julian Edwards

Lose for MORE Challenge Winner - MonaVie Blue Diamond Executive

Julian Edwards (Before) BEFORE
Julian Edwards (After) AFTER

When I joined MonaVie as a distributor in November of 2006 I had no idea how much this company would impact my life. I joined MonaVie to gain financial freedom, and within a few short years I had achieved the freedom I had always dreamed about.

While I had been focused on building my MonaVie business, I had started to neglect myself and my health. During a routine doctor's visit in October of 2010, I found that I had reached a weight of 280 pounds, the highest it has been in my 43 years. A recent blood panel caused my doctor to have some serious concerns about my health. I had always worked out at the gym, however, I quickly realized this was not enough, and the years of neglecting my health had finally caught up with me.

When I first learned about the MonaVie RVL product I knew this was my opportunity to get my health back. I started using MonaVie RVL in November 2010, and continued through the end of January 2011. By then, I had lost 30 pounds. In January 2011, the MonaVie RVL city tour was in Anaheim, California, and Jeff Graham mentioned Lost for MORE weight loss challenge. Although I thought my 30 pound weight loss was a great accomplishment, I decided to reset my goal to see what was possible. I was committed to lose an additional 30 pounds to help the kids in Brazil.

I had no idea when I started that second 12-week pledge that I was about to transform my body. I am happy to say that have lost an additional 28 pounds, just 2 pounds shy of my 30 pound goal. Had it not been for the Lose for MORE Challenge, I would not have challenged myself to lose the additional 30 pounds.

Today I am happy to say that I have a total weight loss of 58 pounds and I now feel and look better than ever! I am absolutely ecstatic and I can't say thank you enough to MonaVie for creating the MonaVie RVL product. MonaVie is, without a doubt, the best company in the world, and the best company for the world!