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Dan Snavely

MonaVie Distributor

Dan Snavely (Before) BEFORE
Dan Snavely (After) AFTER

What a thrill and blessing to be a part of the MonaVie family! Currently, I have hit the 60 pound mark, and my wife has hit the 40 pound mark. We are still losing.

My wife, Heather, and I became a part of a weight loss challenge at our local recreation center. This started in January. We had already been on MonaVie RVL since right around Thanksgiving time and losing weight. We were already down 24 pounds and 20 pounds, respectively, so we didn't think we had a chance to win the challenge. We found out that the challenge was for weight loss percentage and body fat loss percentage. We were excited, because we knew that MonaVie RVL could help us. We have one more weigh-in to go, April 20. We are currently in the lead by a big margin against 26 other two-person teams.

My body fat has gone down more than 20 percent, and Heather's has gone down a great deal as well. We are so excited about the prospect of winning the challenge and what that will mean for our MonaVie business. We have already been growing and are pumped about the team we are establishing. We both are now burdened with the idea of helping others to get healthy. It's kind of funny how that works. When you have been unhealthy and then you are blessed with real answers, you don't take it for granted. We want to help others and we want to rejoice with people as they succeed.

As a construction contractor, I enjoy being able to be constructive and creative. But as a MonaVie distributor, I have so much more joy and excitement to help people get healthy and to join me in a path to financial freedom. You cannot pay me to stop drinking MonaVie juices and using MonaVie RVL. It's just not worth it!

My wife has never known me at this weight. She is thrilled. And, what a joy and privilege to have her join me and be on board this MonaVie thrill ride.