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Brenda Fakheri

MonaVie Distributor

Brenda Fakheri (Before) BEFORE
Brenda Fakheri (After) AFTER

I am so thankful and grateful for MonaVie RVL. Two things had to be in place to lose weight: First, I had to be ready to lose the weight. It can be brutal but easier to hide behind the weight and use it as a reason for not moving forward. I had to first be ready to lose the weight. Second, I had to find the right products. MonaVie RVL is an answer to my prayers. It is convenient, tastes wonderful, is good for me, and is real user friendly. I am definitely not perfect, and yet I have still lost weight with MonaVie RVL. I actually have a neck now! This journey is amazing! Thank you God and thank you MonaVie!