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Carol Dowd

MonaVie Emerald Executive

Carol Dowd (Before) BEFORE
Carol Dowd (After) AFTER

At 27 years old, I was a mother of triplet girls who were 5 months old, a 2-year-old girl, and also a 3-year-old boy. That is when my husband decided he was going to leave and abandon all of us. Here I was alone and thinking, “How can I do this?” I had to work two jobs just to have the very basic things for me and all five of my children. I worked very hard as a waitress, then, after putting in a full-time day, I would have to go directly to my other full-time job at night as a dietary aid in a retirement home.

While I was working, I was very blessed and fortunate to have my wonderful mother to help with the kids. As time went on, I got very depressed and turned to food. I felt like it would protect me from getting hurt again. As the years passed, I let my weight get out of control to 400 pounds.

At the age of 54, I decided if I did not do something soon, I was going to have no quality of life or maybe none at all due to weight and health issues. Then, I decided it was time to have a gastric bypass surgery for weight loss, and I lost 140 pounds. But, then I stopped losing, knowing I needed to lose much more. I had many complications along the way which put me in the hospital for a month, and I even almost lost my life. That is when I decided that operations can't fix weight problems. They have to be dealt with in a different way. I realized it has to be a lifestyle change, and I needed to adopt this change for life.

At the age of 63, I finally said this is it. I am in MonaVie, and MonaVie RVL just came out. I think this is going to change my life forever. I love this product, and it is the right path for me to go on. When I am down, I pray to God for strength and he always answers. Thank God for MonaVie in my life. Today, I feel very enriched—monetarily, physically, and emotionally—from the journey that MonaVie has given me. It has brought me from having nearly nothing in my life to having everything I could ever need.

This company always reminds me that I can do anything. I am so glad for this product and for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful company. I feel so blessed. It truly is my rags to riches story. Now my mission in life is to help others enrich their lives like mine has been enriched. This is not just for the money, but it is to help people and to remind them that if I can do this at age 64, anybody can do this. They can live a healthier, longer, enriched, more meaningful life. I am a truly blessed person today because of the MonaVie opportunity. Thank you very much.