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Jim Reid

MonaVie Distributor

Jim Reid  (Before) BEFORE
Jim Reid  (After) AFTER

I have never struggled with weight management and a healthy balance until I was injured in 2005 and stopped regular exercise. I went through the paces over the next couple of years with injection shots, orthotics, physical therapy, and chiropractic which helped the most.

I made contact with a long time friend in July of 2009 regarding a business I was starting. She politely declined and indicated she was doing well with her MonaVie business and talked a little about the product. I told her what was happening for me, and she thought MonaVie Active could help. I did meet with her and enrolled strictly to use MonaVie Active, with no interest in the business side. Five weeks into drinking MonaVie Active I felt better and decided to run a mile. I was surprised and pleased. By year's end, I was running consistently, and had begun biking.

I decided to add MonaVie Pulse to my routine as well. Hearing that the MonaVie RVL weight management program coming was exciting. Prior to my injury, I was participating in a sprint triathlon each November with a friend. I had been losing some weight and feeling better to the point of wanting to participate in a race. October of 2010 I joined the master's swim program to prepare.

At 204 pounds, I started on MonaVie RVL in November 2010. The cool thing to me about MonaVie RVL is how my body is reacting to the quality of nutrition and my overall sense of well being. I weighed in today, April 12, 2011, at 182 pounds. I will participate in my first sprint triathlon on Saturday, April 16, 2011, and can hardly wait.

I thank God everyday for MonaVie and the renewed health I have. I also appreciate all MonaVie continues to do, providing quality products that work. We are slowly building the business side, but can't find enough words to say about the benefits from using the products. Keep up the good work. Make it a great day.