RVL Stories

Success Stories:

David St. Pierre

MonaVie Distributor

David St. Pierre (Before) BEFORE
David St. Pierre (After) AFTER

My brother John, a MonaVie distributer in Connecticut, introduced us to MonaVie almost a year ago and it took us until October to enroll. In November, we attended our nephew’s wedding in Connecticut and later had our first tasting at my brother’s house, introducing our family to MonaVie and the upcoming MonaVie RVL launch.

While we were not sold on what we were doing, we ended up going to a MonaVie meeting in Orlando, our hometown. Nancy and I decided then and there that we were going to get on board and start using MonaVie RVL that next week.

I went to my doctor in January and started that same day on my trip of a lifetime. Nancy joined me in my adventure, and since January of this year, we have lost a combined 90 pounds. While I am right at my personal goal, I have decided that the time is right to continue getting healthier by losing 20 pounds more in the next several months.

I am the lightest I have been since 1975 and look forward to introducing as many people as humanly possible to these great products and great company. Thank God that MonaVie and MonaVie RVL were both introduced in our lives.