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Jeff Later

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Jeff Later (Before) BEFORE
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When Jeff Later takes the stage at Veteran's Memorial Auditorium on May 28, for the NPC California State Bodybuilding Championships, it will be the biggest event he's entered to date against the highest level of competition he has faced. It will also be his best chance yet at achieving his goal of winning a bodybuilding title.

A Lifelong Passion
It was as a track sprinter in junior high school that Jeff first became fascinated with weight training. Reading in magazines about the diets and training regimens of contemporary professional bodybuilders, Jeff didn't foresee this childhood curiosity growing into a lifelong passion let alone imagine himself one day contending for national titles.

"I've always loved weight training," he says. "But, I never thought competing in the sport was something I could do. I never thought I would have enough muscle, and I simply didn't have the knowledge required to fine tune my physique to that extreme."

Taking it to the Next Level
If it weren't for meeting his girlfriend in 2008, Jeff might have never entered the field of competition. Although he had trained hard throughout high school and college, he still had never taken his weight training to the next level. That changed when he began dating Jenny, who was preparing for her first figure competition.

"I saw what she went through to take her physique to a level that most can't imagine," Jeff recalls. "The amount of work required seemed incredibly challenging and grueling, but it sparked my interest. I met her trainer, and decided I would go for it."

Training competitively would prove to be an eye-opening experience. With 15 years' worth of bodybuilding under his belt, Jeff thought he knew a thing or two; but, he says what he learned from his trainer changed his life.

"When I started working with my trainer, I realized that working out with intensity is what would force my body to change the way I want it to," Jeff says. "It can't be done casually or the results simply won't happen. My trainer showed me what the tone and pace of my training had to be like. He taught me more than I ever thought possible."

Chasing the Title
Jeff entered his first competition at the age of 30 in April of 2009. Weighing in at around 180 pounds, a middleweight, he took 2nd at the NPC Utah Natural.

"It was really tough placing second because I'm a very competitive person and always want to win," he says. "It was my first show, so a first-place finish against veteran competitors was unlikely. But, it was a very close decision and could have gone either way. I was back in the gym the next day and pushed harder than ever."

Eighteen months later and now a light-heavyweight at 200 pounds, Jeff once again found himself falling just short of winning a title, as he placed second at the Utah NPC Nutrimart Classic. Jeff says that part of what makes competitive bodybuilding so difficult is the subjective nature of the judging. But, even though he didn't get the placing he wanted, he couldn't be more pleased with the significant improvements he had made since his first show.

"My two second-place finishes account for my bodybuilding record so far," Jeff says. "The overall title still eludes me, but I'm hoping this year is my year."

He'll get his next shot at the NPC California State Bodybuilding Championships in Culver City, California on May 28!

Jeff's Diet and MonaVie RVL
In addition to the weight training, Jeff's diet is a lifestyle in itself. Every meal is calculated, measured, and weighed, and he eats the same thing every day. Perhaps most surprising about his diet is that he consumes 6,450 calories per day—all high-quality proteins, carbs, and fats. Every meal is balanced and has a purpose behind it, as the diet is what really makes a difference in changing his physique and achieving gains over and over again. Jeff's daily sources of nutrition consist solely of eggs, chicken, steak, rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and MonaVie RVL. What Jeff likes most about MonaVie RVL is that all the ingredients used in RVL products are high-quality and chosen with purpose, whereas many supplement companies use ingredients that are cheapest.

"I work out, diet, and go through all of this because I love it," Jeff says. "I think it would be impossible to do if I didn't. Seeing my body change and develop and do what I want it to do is what makes this sport so addicting. I always want to live a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same."