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Allison Vehlewald

MonaVie Distributor

Allison Vehlewald (Before) BEFORE
Allison Vehlewald (After) AFTER

Who would have thought that 12 weeks could make such a difference in my life? And I haven't even reached my final goal (yet!). It was four months ago that I watched the webcast of the MonaVie RVL launch in Orlando. I saw all the people who had lost weight in the pre-launch on the stage and thought, "Wow, what if it could work for me?"

I am a Registered Dietitian by training and I have always loved the science of nutrition. Unfortunately, there has been a gap between knowing and doing in my life for the past 15 years. Since getting married and having three children, my eating habits have gotten sloppy, and have been based more on convenience and immediate gratification than health. So, my weight has escalated accordingly. I used to not be worried by my weight gain because I thought, I know what it takes to lose it and "one of these days" I'll take it off. Finally, at 40-plus pounds over my pre-marriage weight and approaching 50 years old, I started doubting whether I really could do it. I'd try every once in a while, quitting after only a few days. I would have a "bad" day and get down on myself and go back to my old habits.

I became increasingly ashamed of the woman in the mirror. I hadn't told anyone in years of my pre-mommy profession of dietetics because, how could I claim to have knowledge if I wasn't applying it to myself? As I have often heard quoted, "To know and not to do is not to know."

It was even affecting my MonaVie business. How could I tell people I was representing a health and wellness company if I was so obviously unhealthy? I felt like a fraud. Then came MonaVie RVL. I have never used a weight loss product because I never believed in any of them from a nutritional standpoint. MonaVie RVL is such a refreshing change! I know that I'm giving my body a gift whenever I drink a shake or eat a bar or take a supplement. And, it's delicious!

The support system through the web site has been amazing—tracking my progress and reassuring me that I can do it!  Over the past 15 years, I have never exercised more than a few days before giving up, but the success I am having with MonaVie RVL and the confidence I've gained has kept me exercising four to six days a week for over 12 weeks! I look and feel healthier, and I am a positive example to the most important people in my life, my husband and three children.

I am now proud to tell people I'm a registered dietitian representing a phenomenal health and wellness company and I feel empowered to help others achieve their health goals. Thank you RVL and thank you MonaVie!